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188.  gorm: Датировка египетского гороскопа не по Фоменко

В свежем номере журнала по истории науки Centaurus 2000, vol. 42, pp. 159-179. Опубликована статья
Ove von Spaeth, "Dating the Oldest Egyptian Star Map".
Привожу начало:
"The earliest known maps in Egypt are found as a main part of the decor in a tomb (No. TT 353) at Thebes on the West bank of the Nile. The tomb was constructed during the first half of the Egyptian 18 dynasty, probably about 1490 BC, and it belonged to Queen Hatshepsut's vizier and calendar registrar Senmut (or Seinenmut).
The Senmut maps, Fig.1, are almost 4 meters long. They are found on the southern and nothern panels of the ceiling, which is shaped as the inner part of a low-pitched roof of the burial chamber hewed out of the subterranean rock.
The map on the southern panel proves to reflect a specific conjunction of planets around the longitude of Sirius. This particular configuration of planets actually occured in the sky about May 1534 BC. These characteristics of the maps have not been recognized before. Egyptologists identified the planets on the maps long ago, but the actual occurance of their configuration in the sky can now be verified through modern astronomical calculation."
P.S. Помнится Дист обещал закрыть свой сайт если я найду древнее решение дендерского зодиака лучшее Фоменковского 18 века - я такое решение быстро нашел. Ждемс.

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188.  gorm Датировка египетского гороскопа не по Фоменко (+) 09-Фев (22:03)

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