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А варианты 1822, 1906, 1944 должны были быть просто зафиксированы наблюдателями, а этого никто не слышал и не видел.

Elcano, поумнее ничего нельзя было в ответ придумать? Если не знали, посмотрели бы в интеренете. Или просто написали первую чушь, что пришла в голову?

Activity thereafter became almost continuous, with relatively severe eruptions occurring in 1660, 1682, 1694, 1698, 1707, 1737, 1760, 1767, 1779, 1794, 1822, 1834, 1839, 1850, 1855, 1861, 1868, 1872, 1906, 1926, 1929, and 1944.

The eruption of 1906 was particularly destructive, killing over 100 people and ejecting the most lava ever recorded from a Vesuvian eruption. Its last major eruption to date came in March 1944, destroying the villages of San Sebastiano al Vesuvio, Massa di Somma, Ottaviano, and part of San Giorgio a Cremano, as well as all 88 planes in a U.S. B-25 bomber group,[36] as World War II continued to rage in Italy.

From 6 January to 23 February 1944, lava flows appeared within the rim and there were outflows. The activity paused on 23 February and resumed on 13 March. Small explosions then occurred until the major explosion took place on 18 March 1944.[37] The eruption could be seen from Naples and several photos have been taken.[38]

Это изображение извержения 1822 года.

А это фото извержения 1944 года

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